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20 August 2019 / 20:23:28
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Born in İstanbul in 01 October 1974, Özgür Yener has graduated from Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education of Fine Arts. Because he was interested in psychology, he studied 'psychotherapy through art' (Aura Psychotherapy Center, Assoc. Dr. Nevin Eracar). He succeeded in the exam organized by the Complutense University of Madrid opened in 2003 and, thereupon, continued studying art in Madrid in studios of and lectures by professors like Félix Guisásola, Ramón Caravaca, Pilar Montero, Patricia Mayayo, Miguel Á. Ramos, Catalina Buezo, Josu Larrañaga, Juan Luis Martín Prada and Daniel Lupion. He successfully completed his masters program named Contemporary Art Theory and Practice. During this period, he took part in two collective exhibitions in Spain and Iceland.

Having been admitted to the Ph.D. education in 2005, he, in line with the 'Plastics, Technics and Concept' program, attended to classes such as 'pictorial material', 'multiple expressions opportunities', 'collecting phenomenon through historic and contemporary collections'.

Between 2003 and 2006, he reviewed artworks at Del Prado, Tysen Bornemisa and Reina Sofia museums in the Spanish capital Madrid.

The artist, in his early compositions (2002-2004), by inquirying death theme, demonstrated an expressionism that questioned the speed and the time. This questioning, in his future studies, has highlighted mental state (psychology/spirituality) in a sense of composition that often used human body parts each as a subject and that eliminated the space.

The artist's narrative attitude that aims to describe his inner world shows, in his paintings, a subjective or internal reflection of the reality rather than a reflection of the nature and the society. Patterns are formed by spontaneously emerged responses/reactions and the ideas and the messages intended to be exposed come to the fore. The individuality based on thinking is at the front. The confident, revolutionarist, the style-conscious artist has the purpose of reflecting the feelings to the works with his freedom on the use of lines and colors.

In his present works, he maintains his sense of stain and leaves clearer clues on the surface about the figures. Thereby, the artist has drawn an additional path that moves the viewer into the spiritual dimension in the image.

His solo exhibition that he opened in Madrid Francisco Duayer Art Gallery in March 2007 under the name Silencio de Abstracto has brought a positive tone.

The artist who continues his professional painting works since 1999, gave a break to his Ph.D. for one year when he became father in 2006 and returned to the country. The artist whose works have been included into many private collections has opened seven solo exhibitions in İstanbul Ares Art Gallery, in İstanbul Alchera Art Gallery, in Mersin Pitura Art Gallery, in Madrid Francisco Duayer Art Gallery, in İstanbul Piazza Art Gallery, in İstanbul Enka Dr. Clinton Vickers Art Gallery, and in İstanbul Gallery Espas. He has also participated in many collective exhibitions both in the country and abroad.

Özgür Yener, who is overlooking at the world of art from the İstanbul perspective continues his art work in his art studio that he founded in İstanbul Maltepe in 2006.
Çıplaklar Üşüyor
Öyle ya yanında birisinin ayağının kaydığını görürsen
- "Hop!", tut onu…
- "Aman aman!"
- "Az daha kayıyordun ha!…"

Bir defasında, patikada yürürken ayağım kaydı da arkadaşım tutmuştu bir anda kolumdan. Son anda kurtulmuştum kafayı kolu kırmaktan. Her seferinde……
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